Cloud Forest Walk, Birding in Valley of Quetzals

cloud forest ran ramon
resplendent quetzal

Description: You will be in the same cloud forest that stretches all the way down from Monteverde, where orchids, birds and other animals such as tapir and jungle cats live. Breathe in the crisp air and take in the beauty as you walk and do some excellent birding on this easy loop with an experienced guide. Afterward, have a hearty lunch in a quaint little, open-air soda where you are sure to see a variety of birds feasting on bananas nearby.

During the months of February through June, the Resplendent Quetzal is frequently sighted here while their favorite food — the wild avocado — is in season. They make their nests in holes in tree trunks to raise their young. Towards the end of their nesting time, we often see the young Quetzals stretching their wings and finally taking flight!

Duration: Half-Day
Location: Forty minutes northwest of us.
Skill level: Easy
Recommended:  Closed-toe shoes, light jacket, rain poncho
Included: Guided walk in the cloud forest, lunch
Cost: $45

Transportation is available for an additional fee.

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