Driving from Liberia, Nicoya, Puntarenas

  1. From Liberia, Nicoya and Puntarenas, go southeast on the Panamerican Hwy (#1) to San Ramon.
  2. Once you have ascended into the mountains after passing Esparza, you will see signs for the San Ramón turn-off. Turn LEFT at Plaza Occidente.
  3. Continue straight to a traffic light (gas station on the right) and stay straight, passing behind the big, gray cathedral on the left. Proceed through town, being careful to stop at any “alto” signs, until you come to a “T”.
  4. At this last “alto” turn LEFT, then RIGHT at the traffic light.
  5. Continue on this road. This is the road to Arenal, Villa Blanca, etc. You will pass another traffic light with a gas station on the left, then another gas station on the right before you begin to ascend a hill with a couple of speed bumps. At the top, you’ll see a couple of our signs before coming to a BEIGE AND BROWN CHURCH (Iglesia de San Juan).
  6. At the church, you will make a RIGHT a the “Y”, then descend to another speed bump.
  7. Proceed until you reach another of our signs, just before an intersection. There will be “Bar Oriente” on the far left and a soccer field just beyond.
  8. Continue straight. The road will curve about 90 degrees to the left soon, then descend and curve left fairly abruptly, then it will curve to the right and ascend again.
  9. When you reach the top of the hill, you will see our sign on the right indicating our entrance just beyond on the LEFT, just as you begin descending. It is an asphalt road, about 60 meters long with a concrete retaining wall to the left of the road. Be careful because the entrance is in a curve in the road.
  10. Go all the way to the end to the big wooden gate and ring the bell on the right. You won’t miss us. We have a big stone retaining wall and a sign on the gate.

Our GPS coordinates are: N 10.1118, W 84.4541

To make a collect phone call from a pay phone, you can dial 1110, listen to the instructions in Spanish that will ask for the phone number you are calling. Key in one of our phone numbers listed below, then after the following instructions, say your name. We will get the call and you don’t have to deposit any coins or use a calling card.

Cell: 8306-3159   House: 2445-2100