Maps and Directions

Our GPS coordinates are:  N 10 06.708 W 84 27.246

San Ramon Area Map

San Ramon Area Map

Use this to get the lay of the land and find Casa Amanecer.

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San Ramon Town MapSan Ramon Map

Includes restaurants, banks, supermarkets in town, and more.
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Google Map

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Contact us

Call us:
+506-2445-2100 (casa)
+506-8306-3159 (mobile)

If you are dialing from the USA or Canada please dial 011 first. From other countries, dial the overseas code and then the above numbers. If you are in Costa Rica just dial the last 8 digits.

To make a collect phone call to the B&B from any phone in Costa Rica:

  1. Lift the receiver (do not insert coins or cards)
  2. Dial 1110 and listen to instructions (in Spanish)
  3. Dial one of the phone numbers above
  4. Listen again to instructions (in Spanish)
  5. Say your name after the beep
  6. Staff at the B&B will take your call and assist you

Or Email us: