Madrigal Feaste (Dec 2013)

Madrigal-IllusDate: December 14, 2013
Time: 12:00 – 4:00 pm
Where: Here at Casa Amanecer!
Cost: $35.00
RSVP: Please send the secure form below.

The Madrigal is a modern interpretation of a medieval midwinter dinner and social gathering. It starts with a grand processional of the Royal Court, Jester, Town Crier, Knights, and fanfare brass. This is followed by singing and Wassail toasts of apple cider and wine, more singing and eating, a hilarious skit and dessert with coffee, mediocre medieval musicians, and more singing — and finally you get to go home. It’s lowbrow entertainment for highbrow guests!

The King’s Feast includes appetizer followed by a main course of succulent roast pork stuffed with apples and apricots and accompanied by a special sauce, vegetables and potatoes. A sumptuous dessert of bread pudding with rum raisin sauce is guaranteed to leave you sated.


This is a fundraiser, sponsored by the Community Action Alliance of Costa Rica’s Cultural and Social Committee to support San Ramón music and theatre arts.

Sign up now to reserve your seats! Space is limited.

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